Buying with Confidence Presentation

Home buying is a serious investment, and a new client will want assurance that you’ll be there for them every step of the way. Make a strong first impression with this cohesive, ready-to-use Real Estate Marketing Buying Presentation from Blossoming Real Estate! 
You’re a busy Real Estate professional and your time is valuable. You put pride in letting all your clients know you value their business, so let preparation delay a new buyer consultation?

Disorganized or incomplete information can really undermine a client’s confidence in your services. If your onboarding is scattered, what is it going to be like to work with you finding a new home?

That’s why a ready-made Buying Presentation is the right fit for your onboarding process. Totally customizable, edit it in Canva to fit your branding, and even tweak the pre-populated content to suit your services and voice. It’s a great way to get this initial meeting started with your best foot forward!

WHAT'S INCLUDED - 14 Slides and Pages

  • Front cover
  • The Process
  • The Pre Work
    • Mortgage Pre-Approval
    • Buyer Consultation
  • The Search
    • House Hunting
    • Bids & Negotiations
  • The Safety Net
    • Inspections & Appraisal
    • Post-Inspection Agreements
    • Retain A Real Estate Lawyer
    • Proof of Insurance
  • The Final Pieces
    • Transfer of Utilities
    • Final Walk Through
    • Close of Sale
  • Back Cover (a place to add your contact information)


  • User-friendly drag & drop interface.
  • Ready to customize with your own fonts, colors, and photos.
  • Presentation format 16:9 (1920x1080 px)
  • US Letter format. (8.5x11in)
  • Ready to use in Canva, no expensive software required!


  • After purchase, download your PDF file.
  • Open the PDF file and read the instructions (the link to your template will be on the last page).

Your template is customizable and ready for your content! All you need is a free Canva account. Set it up in Canva and it’s ready to use; simply adjust the colors, fonts, and imagery that suit your personal brand.

*Presentation slides are not included with your purchase.