Expired Listing Guide

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Taking on an expired property poses a unique set of challenges. With this Real Estate Expired Listing guide from Blossoming Real Estate, you can be ready for this very situation!

Real Estate is complex, and not every listing is a success story. As a seasoned Realtor, you know how important it is to re-list an expired listing with a robust strategy. You need to show you’re the right agent for this particular challenge!

Clients with expired listings are frustrated and may be uncomfortable with the real estate process. Their last agent may have made big promises – how can you prove you’re different?

This professional template for Expired Listings is loaded with honest, valuable information! Just pop it into Canva and get ready to customize – tweak the tone, update the colors, choose new photos... the possibilities are endless!


  • 8.5x11in US Letter Format
  • 14 Pre-Written Pages
    • Front cover
    • Quotes - Any of those familiar?
    • Introduction
    • All show and no offers?
    • Pop Quiz!
    • Strategic Pricing
    • Do The Work
    • Professional Marketing
    • Team Work Makes the Dream Work
    • Be Flexible
    • Your Quick Cheat-Sheet
    • Quote Page
    • What Clients are Saying (testimonial page)
    • Back cover (a place to add your contact information)
  • 16 Extra Bonus Template Pages
    • 3 about me templates
    • 5 meet the team templates
    • 4 testimonial templates
    • 4 quote pages
  • PDF with your template links and a simple how-to guide.

What is NOT included

  • Presentation slides/mockups and photos of real estate agents