For Sale By Owner Guide


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Many Realtors have had the experience of a client looking to know more about selling their home themselves. Have the For Sale By Owner Real Estate Marketing Guide you need to address questions like this with a professionally designed guide from Blossoming Real Estate!

The freedoms of “For Sale By Owner” can sound appealing to some home sellers, with one of the main highlights being no commission fees. How do you prepare for a client who expresses interest in the FSBO route?

Data shows us that only a small number will go this route, and even fewer succeed. It’s a complicated and risky venture. But failure doesn’t have to be the end, so why not be prepared to greet them with open arms when things fall apart?

Show your prospective client that you respect their choices, and that you can be there for them when they have second thoughts! This easy-to-edit template is a great resource for the curious home seller, with excellent added value for you!


  • 8.5x11in US Letter Format
  • 16 Pre-Written Pages
    • Front cover
    • Introduction
    • How to... Get Started?
    • Planning & Timing
    • Pricing
    • Be Prepared
    • Pre Listing Checklist
    • Show the Goods
    • Be Realistic & Objective
    • Pre-Qualify Buyers
    • Negotiate
    • Close
    • Having Second Thoughts?
    • Back cover (a place to add your contact information)
  • 16 Extra Bonus Template Pages
    • 3 about me templates
    • 5 meet the team templates
    • 4 testimonial templates
    • 4 quote pages
  • PDF with your template links and a simple how-to guide.

What is NOT included

  • Presentation slides/mockups and photos of real estate agents