Mortgage Guide


As an experienced Real Estate professional, you know setting your clients up to succeed will ensure success for you, too. This sleek and professional Real Estate Mortgage Guide is one step in reaching that goal!

There are many stages to buying a home, especially for new buyers! When your client leaves their first meeting with you, are you sure they’ll remember everything you’ve told them?

A complicated but crucial step like a buyer’s mortgage must be obtained to move forward. You know how competitive the Real Estate market is, and a delayed mortgage approval can risk missing the chance to buy your client's dream home.

Avoid frustrating hiccups and lead your client to success with The Mortgage Guide from Blossoming Real Estate! Loaded with important information, you can update and customize it to suit your brand, then it’s ready to share with your clients!


  • Front cover
  • Your Mortgage Roadmap
    • You Need A Lender
    • Succeed With Pre-Approval
    • The Hunt
    • Applications & Processing
    • Approval & Closing
  • Getting Qualified
    • Gross Annual Income
    • Down Payment Size
    • Assets and Liabilities
    • Credit Score
  • Financing Options
    • Conventional Loan
    • FHA Loan
    • VA Loans
  • Breaking Down Costs
    • The Earnest-Money Deposit (EMD)
    • The Down Payment
    • Closing Costs
  • The Anatomy of a Mortgage Payment
    • Principal Amount
    • Interest
    • Property Tax
    • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • Terminology Index
    • Fixed Rate Mortgage
    • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
    • Annual Percentage Rate (APR)
    • Discount Points
    • Amortization Period
    • Mortgage Term
  • Track Your Monthly Budget
  • Your Next Steps
  • Back cover (a place to add your contact information)


  • User-friendly drag & drop interface.
  • Ready to customize with your own fonts, colors, and photos.
  • US Letter format. (8.5x11in)
  • Ready to use in Canva, no expensive software required!


  • After purchase, download your PDF file.
  • Open the PDF file and read the instructions (the link to your template will be on the last page).

Your template is customizable and ready for your content! All you need is a free Canva account. Set it up in Canva and it’s ready to use; simply adjust the colors, fonts, and imagery that suit your personal brand.

*Presentation slides and the Real Estate Agent photo are not included with your purchase.